Get your free Dog Tag!


We’re just about finished building this website where you can order a totally free Dog Tag, including shipping by USPS. We believe we are the first non-profit organization to use “Dot” dog as a domain extension.

Please take note that we are still setting up the “Contact Form” so if you are a desiring to get involved in this wonderful cause, and wish to donate your services or a monetary gift, contact us at: and we will respond within 24 hours. Thanks!

If you have ever lost a dog and your pet was never returned to you because Fido did not have a Dog Tag, it’s sad, but avoidable. Had you spent $10-$20 or so for that little piece of flat metal that had the basic information needed for someone to contact you engraved on it, more than likely, Fido would have been returned to you.

We understand that many will not order a tag because buying food for yourself and your doggie is more important because of budget constraints, or Fido was your first doggie and buying a “Tag” just wasn’t something you even thought of, etcetera.

Well now you can feel relived, knowing that should Fido somehow wander off, get lost for some reason, because our non-profit organization TAGSYOUREIT.DOG will provide you with a totally free Dog Tag with your contact information, and the name of your furry friend, engraved on it. It’s easy. Just fill out the information on the form once we publish the website, and we will mail you Fido’s free tag.

We have provided a “Donate” button for those who wish to participate in this great cause. Your donation may just return a lost doggie to it’s home.

We also may create a funding effort which will be used for the purchase and shipping cost (US Mail) of the free Dog Tags, plus funding the legal fees for the creation of a Non-Profit “Limited Liability Company/Corporation as a 501C company. Anyone experienced in fund raising is welcome to join in this great project to reunite lost dogs with their owners. When we do create a funding project, our target audience besides the general public will be Veterinarians and Dog/Pet Groomers. Thanks for your support. We are searching for an attorney or paralegal to assist us in all the legal stuff. Thanks!